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Meet the Teachers of Glorious Orphanage!

Happy Thanksgiving from Glorious!

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 Bresler Family Foundation Donation Matching Opportunity!

 The Bresler Family Foundation has graciously donated $1,000 and has agreed to match up to $2,000 for additional donations received by October 10, 2012. 

Bresler Family Foundation Matching

June 2012 Newsletter

    (  (CcNew students at Glorious

In November of 2011, we welcomed in 21 new children from the surrounding community who now attend daily classes and are provided with two daily meals before returning home. These children were chosen after meeting with the community elders and assessing the greatest needs in the area. Many of the new children did not have access to daily meals or bare necessities.

Thanks to your quick response we were able to secure sponsors for each of these children within one month!

These new children are settling into the supportive surroundings of Glorious well and are flourishing under the love and attention that they now receive.

New Head Teacher and new syllabus

We now have a head teacher at Glorious named Meshack who comes 3 days a week acting as a consultant and trainer for our 5 teachers. He has introduced us to a new syllabus which will help the children gain a competitive education in Tanzania.

We have purchased a set of books for our teachers to help train them in and educate the children with the new syllabus. Meshack is working diligently with our teachers, and will continue to evaluate their style, and observe how the children are doing in class. We look forward to monthly reports of the children's progress in class, and cannot be happier to welcome such a vital member to our team! 

 Light, food, medicine and malaria protection

Generous donors provided solar lights, large bags of food supplies and medical kits for each of the families where Glorious children live. In addition, mosquito nets were provided to protect the children from contracting malaria.

The families were invited to attend a session at Glorious where the local doctor briefed them on the use of the medical supplies and the solar light provider informed them how to use these new innovative and practical lights.

No more thirsty children!

When Glorious first started, there was very little fresh water available and the children, who have limited access to fresh water at home looked longingly at anyone who arrived with a bottle of water.

At the end of 2011, a water well was completed on the Glorious grounds and water towers were constructed for storage.

The next steps will be to install an electric pump in the well, complete the plumbing from the well to the tanks and connect the pump to electricity.

Glorious will then have uninterrupted access to fresh water for drinking, cooking and cleaning - and no more thirsty children! 

No more smoke!

Preparing and cooking two meals a day for 80 children is a huge task. Previously, Alice toiled for hours daily over a large pot on an open wood fire to prepare food for the children. Now a new indoor kitchen has been built with ventilation and outfitted with new pots so that food can be cooked indoors with no smoke.

This new kitchen, donated in memory of "Pa" (Ken Keyes), will eliminate the exposure to cookstove smoke which claims the lives of around 2 million people each year.

Rivers Givers Grant

On February 17, Glorious Orphanage was awarded a $2,000 grant to create a new, paved playground on the site of the school. The grant was awarded by Rivers Givers, a high school philanthropy group at the The Rivers School in Weston, Massachusetts. The students host a series of fundraising projects throughout the school year, and use the proceeds to fund selected organizations that support programs for children and families in need. After submitting a proposal for the playground project, board member, Katelyn Carey, met with the students to talk about the mission of Glorious Orphanage, the children, and the great need for a safe, contiguous play space.

In January, Rivers Givers announced that Glorious would receive funding and the Rivers Givers Playground will include a paved site with age-appropriate swings and climbing structures. The grant includes provision for the purchase of sports equipment, which will allow for the introduction of new ports and fitness programs. The site will also serve as an important meeting place for assemblies, special events, and family gatherings. Construction of the playground is scheduled to begin this spring. We are truly greateful to this extraordinary group of students who reached beyond the boundaries of their community to provide a meaningful and lasting contribution to the students of Glorious Orphanage.

Empowering Women's Business & Supporting Glorious Orphanage

This year we have started a beading project with local women that benefit the development of their business as well as the orphanage. The beads, made of recycled paper, are handcrafted by local HIV widows in Uswalini that are affiliated with the school. The women are paid for the purchase of their beads and the profit that is made by our selling of the beads 100% benefits their program as well as the orphanage. Please contact if you have any interest in either purchasing or selling the beautiful jewelry!

Sampson's Family

Goodluck, Mary, Herman, Samson and Calvin are a family of five orphans that we met back in November of 2011.

These children were living completely on their own in an abandoned hut and barely surviving. When we met them, Goodluck, the eldest was close to death from malaria. Mary, the 16 year old sister, was nursing her new born baby and the 3 youngest children were suffering from severe malnutrition as well as malaria and other various parasites.

After meeting this family we have brought the two youngest, Calvin and Samson, into Glorious Orphanage. We also established a budget which enables the five children to eat three meals a day and provides them a caretaker who does chores, bathes them, serves as a nurse to Mary's baby and puts them to bed each night.

Goodluck, Mary and Herman have been enrolled in a secondary school and we look forward to seeing their progress. We have never met more motivated children and we are seeking sponsors for this orphan family.


Abu Dhabi, January 31, 2012:
As part of its commitment to local and international charity projects, the Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel & Resort will visit the Glorious Orphanage in Arusha, Tanzania, from the 19th to 24th of February 2012.
Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel & Resort will provide the necessities such as chalk boards, clothes, but also food, toys, books, crayons, blankets and much more. In order to have a first-hand look on how the school is developing and how the funds from the hotel are being used, three members of the hotels' senior management team will be visiting Arusha and will bring along useful bits and pieces for the orphanage purchased in Abu Dhabi but of course also some much needed toys for the children.

The charity funds for the orphanage were collected within several original charity projects such as the "Embassy Charity Fund", whereby instead of sending gifts or flowers to the UAE based Ambassadors for their National Day felicitations, Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel & Resort is donating a fixed amount to a charity account. Within the last two years, the hotel managed to collect a substantial amount in this fund. Another initiative adding towards the Tanzania project is the "No E-mail Day" where the Department Heads of the hotel should refrain from sending e-mails one day a week. Should anyone fail to do so, they pay a voluntary fee per e-mail. In this way, the management team was able to collect more than 11.000 AED (about $3,000) during the last year, which will also be used for this initiative.
Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel & Resort continuously supports Abu Dhabi-based charity organizations such as the "Future Center for Special Needs"  with initiatives like "bottle caps for wheelchairs", the Abu Dhabi based "Operation Smile"  or schools in Romania and Pakistan with the Starwood Hotels EAME initiative "Road To Awareness". For its biggest charity fund, the hotel has been researching a worthy international cause and traced an international organization which really is in need of charity donations: Glorious Orphanage in Arusha, Tanzania.
"We are very excited to fly to Arusha in only three weeks from now to conduct an international charity project on site for the first time. By coincidence we have met the UAE representative of "Glorious Orphanage", Lujan Mourad, at our recent Flea Market where she collected funds for her cause. This project sounded wonderful and shortly afterwards the management team made the decision that we will use our collected funds for this worthy cause" said Martina Venus, Director of PR, who will be flying to Tanzania in February. Thomas van Opstal, General Manager and Area Manager for Starwood Hotels in Abu Dhabi confirms his commitment to charity by initiating the "Embassy Charity Fund" and inventing the "No Email Day" and granting extra days off for this mission. "I am very pleased to see that our whole management team is supporting our charity projects by their donations, efforts and full enthusiasm. The Glorious Orphanage represents a great opportunity to help children in real need and I only wish I could fly myself to Arusha, but unfortunately my schedule this time does not allowed it. We are very grateful to receive the opportunity to really make a difference in children's lives and want to thank everyone involved in this project, especially the UAE based Ambassadors who supported our cause with the "Embassy Fund" and patiently waited for us to find the right charity organization. We also want to extend our special thanks to Sunshine Tours by our shared owning company Abu Dhabi National Hotels for sponsoring the flight tickets to Tanzania."

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