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Many people aren’t able to travel to Tanzania but are still interested in helping the orphanage. There are many ways to raise money and supplies for Glorious as an individual, with family and friends or involving the local community. The following examples are easy to organize and can be a lot of fun!


Learn how to ‘Drive’

Because the kids at Glorious are growing so fast, there is a constant need for new shoes, clothes, and school supplies. Organizing a shoe or clothes drive at your school, job or among friends and family can be a simple and affordable way to raise supplies for Glorious.

Change for Change

If you’re interested in raising funds for Glorious, an effective way to do so is to simply ask people to donate a small amount of spare change. Another option is to have young people donate their piggy banks or their allowances. You’d be surprised at how quick a substantial amount of money can be gathered!

Bake a Difference

Bake sales have always been a favourite among charity fundraising groups. And why not? Organize a bake sale through your work, school or church and sell delicious treats at a low cost and raise money for Glorious at the same time.

Donate your Birthday

Many people have been inspired by the idea of giving away their birthdays to support their favourite charity. We love the idea too! All you need to do is let your friends and family know that instead of birthday gifts, you would prefer to have a donation given to Glorious. This fundraising initiative is by far the best definition of paying it forward.

Sponsor a Child

One of our goals for Glorious is to have all of the children sponsored. The sponsorship program’s yearly fee of $365.00 (which can also be paid monthly) goes towards many of the basic things that these children need such as food, school uniforms and education. In return, you will receive pictures and personal information about your child and you will be able to see him or her grow and flourish as a result of your donation. This is an excellent thing to do as a family or class and a wonderful gift for a birthday or Christmas!

Choose a Project

There are a variety of projects in the works at Glorious. We are more than happy to suggest something specific for you to fundraise for based on the orphanage’s immediate needs. However, we also encourage you to choose something that is relevant and important to you as a focus for your fundraising project.

This list of fundraising ideas is by no means exhaustive. There are numerous ways to get involved and support these amazing children. We would like to hear about your fundraising ideas and share with us what you have done or would like to do.